Success Stories


Gregg Holmes
Scott Studdard

Dave Scullen

"Chris has made a BIG difference for me.

I get compliments that I look fit and don't age.

I don't have back pain anymore and rarely get sick

We have fun...and yes, I have more energy throughout my golf round and play pain-free."

John Brennan

"Everything is rolled into one Highly Effective workout. The private instruction makes me accountable to show up for the workouts."

Dr. Randy Macurak

"Chris created a nutritional regiment for

MY needs. Chris Ownbey is very professional.

Expect results. I highly recommend 30 minute fitness trainer."

Thomas J. Stephens, Ph.D. | President

“Fitness North Dallas is not your regular gym session. The 30 minutes workouts are done in a private fitness studio where you can achieve your fitness goals without distractions. It’s the accountability and being in and out in

30 minutes that I like most”

Ernie Massie

"For years I have suffered from low energy. I'm a 57-year-old male. At the advice from my doctor, I began an exercise routine to try and boost my energy levels and lose some weight. He knows I hate traditional cardio exercises and I going to a gym with muscle heads is not my thing.

Fitness North Dallas who caters to men and women my age. 3 months later, I am amazed by my results, and so is my doctor. Chris Ownbey is an expert in his field. I highly recommend 30 minute fitness trainer."

Dr. Ron Blair

"Chris set up a daily workout, nutrition, and supplement program for me.  I’m in and out in 30 minutes. I’m fit! I’m fifty! I highly recommend this state-of-the-art fitness training program.”

The Big E 

"More energy throughout the day lost the weight

I feel great!"

Glenn Kirk


Are you a man who wants to get in shape?

This Is For You!


2538 Golden Bear Dr. Carrollton Tx. 75006

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CHRIS OWNBEY - Personal Fitness Trainer

30 Minute Fitness

DFW: Highland Park, Plano, TX



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CHRIS OWNBEY - Personal Fitness Trainer

30 Minute Fitness

DFW: Highland Park, Plano, TX


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