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How Your Dad Bod Affects Your Children's Health

Updated: Nov 13

How Your Dad Bod Affects Your Children Health

Hey did you know that your dad's bod not only effects your health but also your children’s health?

Father who is able to play with their children helps the child regulate their weight. Also, when fathers are modeling appropriate dietary habits, children have a tendency to pick up on those habits.

Men who are cultivating their dad's bods, however, are unlikely to engage in as much physical play. At the same time, they are likely to normalize an unhealthy weight and model poor nutritional habits for their children to increase the chances that a child becomes obese. And when children are obese, they are at risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, certain cancers, and diabetes, well into adulthood.

This week I’m looking for 5 men 40 + who are ready to take 8 weeks and get rid of the Dad bod and get back to moving better and having more energy.

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