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Gym's were not clean before and they are not clean now.

Updated: Sep 9

I found this an interesting read regarding the reopening of gyms. Enjoy. After the coronavirus pandemic, group fitness will never be the same The reasons people love group fitness are the same reasons that make going back so hard.

By Alex Abad-Santosalex@vox.com Updated May 18, 2020, 12:40pm EDT Fitness studios have always been germy It’s just a numbers game. When it comes to spreading infectious disease, a mass of people — like, say, the 50 to 60 in a group fitness class — in a small space is the most dangerous thing.

Typically, the most crowded classes happen right before and after work, but studios often have around eight to 10 classes per day scheduled. That’s hundreds of people touching equipment, breathing heavily, sweating, and moving around — the same kind of stuff you’d find at a traditional gym (gyms will have their own dedicated group fitness space, too), plus even closer quarters, more high-fives, and more shared equipment. At the same time, there’s a crowd waiting to get into the next class, and staff trying to maintain the studio. While studios regularly clean and disinfect, each one of those people, coming and going, is an opportunity for the virus and risk of transmission. As of right now, and even in states like Georgia and Texas where businesses have begun to reopen, there isn’t a consistent legislative directive about what fitness studios and gyms should be doing to keep their members and staff safe. According to research collected by the National Institutes of Health, gyms and fitness studios operating at full capacity are high infection risks for respiratory diseases like the flu and tuberculosis (as respiratory disease, the coronavirus would ostensibly carry the same risk, but this study was done prior to the outbreak). The concern is even worse if they’re without proper ventilation. Gym and exercise equipment surfaces are susceptible to harboring staphylococci bacteria, and can also be a breeding ground for HPV, strep, and E. coli. https://www.vox.com/…/coronavirus-working-out-group-fitness…

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