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C- 19 for short. People have gained 19 or more pounds due to shut down. Are you one of them?

Covid -19 is real. You have heard of the freshman 15 right? Well, I get calls every day from men and women like you who say they have gained their personal trainer was no longer available, the accountability was no longer there and they lost their motivation and let it go.

Online training is becoming the new norm, but if you're like me I feel these workouts are for the younger group.

so If your 40, 50, 60, or older listen up. I have a solution.

Yes, the millennials are leaving us behind with their online programs, bodyweight exercises.

Ask yourself, are these workouts for you? We do not work out as we did in our 20's.

Our reasons have changed. it's not about vanity anymore, it's about longevity, so our workouts, eating habits should change as well.

“I know it’s confusing.

And starting up again is challenging. And I can help. I specialize in men and women 40 and older.

Questions? Give me a call. 214-457-9684

We are conveniently located in North Dallas in a Private personal Training studio with zero distractions.

Talk to you soon,


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