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Highland Park, Texas: 5-20-5! Personal trainer with private studio specializing in 40+ age group

Updated: Nov 11

Did you know after 40 there are certain exercises you should never do, and exercises you need to do the young trainers are not aware of? We specialize in men and women 40 +. We understand we do not work out for vanity but longevity. We understand we have certain physical limitations, and we understand you should never leave the ground and need safe and effective 30-minute workouts.

. We are not a weight loss transformation service. We specialize in men and women 40+ who want to stay in shape safely and effectively. I work with clients 1 on 1 in a private studio in North Dallas. Clients come to me for 4 reasons: 1. 1 on 1 private training in a small studio. 1 person is allowed in the room at a time. 2. My experience- Been in the fitness industry for over 35 yrs 4. My clients get results Looking for 5 men 50 and older who need the accountability to workout with a purpose. Workout for golf, increase their flexibility, improve core strength to play better golf. Your health is your responsibility, your safety is mine. https://www.30minutefitnesstrainer.com/ Text 214-457-9684 CODE = COVID #personaltrainer #health #fitness #exercise #workout #strengthtraining #fitover40 Call now 


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CHRIS OWNBEY - Personal Fitness Trainer

30 Minute Fitness

DFW: Highland Park & Plano, TX


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